Eisemann Center

The Charles W. Eisemann Centre for Performing Arts & Corporate Presentations is a leading performing arts facility. It's an important component of the cultural and corporate landscape in North Texas.

The Eisemann Center received critical acclaim for the events put on here, and also for the facility's design itself. 

The Challenge

The arts and culture industry was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a major decline in ticket sales and audience engagement. Even when restrictions were lifted, social distancing measures continued to significantly alter the way events were experienced and how tickets were purchased.

To adapt to these changes, The Eisemann Center recognized the need for a website redesign that would enable them to connect with audiences online, provide innovative ticketing options, and explore new revenue streams.

Project Services

The Solution

 Jixaw created a responsive website that provides convenient revenue streams and streamlined event information.

Our solution started with easy navigation - whether on a phone, tablet or laptop, so visitors could find event information and ticketing options from anywhere.

We also automated social-distance seating when visitors selected their own seats, and created self-managed online video streaming, so audiences could enjoy their favourite events, safely.

A custom CMS was developed,  integrating Tessitura with third-party sales and creating custom performance displays, and upselling subscription add-ons to maximize revenue and engagement.

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The Outcome

The new website enabled the Eisemann Center to continue delivering exceptional performances to audiences, even during challenging times. 

The integration of dynamic social distance seating with Tessitura’s reservation system was a major success, allowing visitors to choose their own experience, while feeling safe and comfortable at the Eisemann Center’s events. 

Jixaw’s custom CMS provides the Eisemann Center with the flexibility and adaptability they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

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In the world of project management, rarely do things go as expected nor without hiccups ... That “rare” actually happened. Smooth negotiation, smooth delivery, smooth product. Big thanks to the Jixaw team.

Philip B. Nelson
General Manager - Charles W. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts