The Public Theater

The Public Theater is a civic institution engaging, both on-stage and off, with some of the most important ideas and social issues of today.

Conceived over 60 years ago as one of the nation’s first nonprofit theaters, The Public has long operated on the principles that theater is an essential cultural force and that art and culture belong to everyone.

The Challenge

The Public Theater came to us with a range of support needs across various areas of their organization. Although they had some internal resources, they urgently required additional support, expertise, and resources in custom application development, business analysis, process improvement recommendations, technical updates, maintenance, and real-time support.

Additionally, the Public Theater recognized the ongoing need to enhance and maintain their online presence. They desired a modernized website that could offer visitors a clear path to learn more about events and purchase tickets, while effectively communicating the theater's mission and values.


Project Services

The Solution

Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of Public Theater's systems, processes, technology and web development needs. We identified and prioritized needs, and implemented services in these key operational areas:


We provide ongoing technical expertise and direct support for the Tessitura application, database, servers, network security, related components, and applications.

Business Consulting

Strategic and operational guidance for the entire organization; working with marketing, development, finance, and IT to ensure the systems are utilized to their greatest potential.

User Support and Training

Ongoing support for the entire range of business and technical users. Targeted user training for specific business needs, for groups and individuals.

Web Design & Development

Our team works closely with the Public Theater to develop comprehensive solutions that address the website’s functionality, design and maintenance needs. We began by analyzing the existing user journey and content strategy to identify areas for improvement.

Now, we provide full web design, development and maintenance services, including a CMS package and all associated components needed to modernize the website. We continually integrate Tessitura functionality into the website to improve the user experience by streamlining the ticketing, and donation purchase process.

To ensure the website is user-friendly and flexible, we developed a responsive design that could be easily-administered by staff. We also provide comprehensive training to staff and a user guide on maintaining all custom components.

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The Outcome

The result is a strong, ongoing partnership, where the Jixaw and Public Theater teams work together. We provide expert support and technical resources to enable and empower the Public Theater team's growth as well as fulfill their operational needs.  Over time, the targeted Public Theater resources, with support from Jixaw, will build their technical and business skills, strengthening the organization as a whole. 

Our partnership with the Public Theater also resulted in a digital refresh that modernized their website and provided a clear path and rich experience for users. The improved website design engaged visitors with an easy online experience, ultimately, encouraging them to learn more, buy tickets, and offer support. 

Finally, we ensured that The Public Theater staff could easily maintain and update the website, so visitors can always access the most up-to-date information.

Overall, our solution provided The Public Theater with a modern, user-friendly website that effectively communicates its mission and engages with its audience.

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