UCSB Arts & Lectures

The University of California Santa Barbara puts on Arts & Lectures to “educate, entertain and inspire.”

Arts & Lectures presents more than a hundred public events. From acclaimed concerts and dance performances by world-renowned artists, to talks by ground-breaking authors and film series.

The Challenge

Jixaw faced an exciting challenge in creating a website for UCSB that matched the breathtaking scope of their event offerings. The site needed to be both visually stunning and technically robust, with media-rich pages that would do justice to the awe-inspiring events.

In addition, the website's complex sales requirements required a back-end infrastructure that was both easy to maintain and manage, while also providing visitors with clear and intuitive access to essential information about ticket purchases and event details. This was especially important given the wide range of exciting events on offer and the diverse audience using the site.

Project Services

The Solution

The website underwent a complete redesign, which included creating a customized Umbraco CMS solution that integrated with Tessitura. The site was also integrated with the University's student ID-based access and discount system. These changes were made with the goal of making the site user-friendly and to simplify the process of creating event pages.

Arts & Lectures has an outstanding variety of events and visitors, requiring a lot of maintenance. With Jixaw’s solution, staff can now easily search and filter event listings without logging into Tessitura, and add, update, and edit new event pages that meet all ticketing and discount requirements including:

  • Custom promo code functionality
  • Dynamic layering of on sale status
  • Applicable messaging
  • Account-based availability
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The Outcome

The full site redesign was a triumph of creativity and technical expertise, resulting in a stunning website that perfectly captures the spirit of UCSB and their world-class events.

The new website was designed to cater to everyone, from students to staff, young or old, subscribers or first-time visitors, and provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience that makes it easy to find the right event and ticket type.

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