Consulting Services

Business & Technology Consulting


Since 2003, we have been providing application, database and business consulting to the Performing Arts & Non Profit sector across North America. We provide strategic and operational guidance for the entire organization; working with marketing, development, finance and IT to ensure the systems are utilized to their greatest potential.


Our more than decade long experience with the Tessitura Enterprise system in particular, has made us a key technology partner, on an ongoing basis, for many organizations. Our experience runs across the full breadth of Tessitura components: data conversion, implementation, customization, web integration, reporting, operational support, system upgrades, 3rd party application integration, the list continues.


 Some of the key business areas we work in on an ongoing basis:

  • Financial Setup and Reconciliation in Consortium Environments
  • Financial Setup and Reconciliation in Single Organization Environments
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Ticketing Setup and configuration
  • Development Setup and configuration
  • Customization of reporting/reporting structures
  • Strategic planning for system upgrades, application customization and infrastructure updates