Jixaw CMS

The Jixaw Content Management System (CMS), is a fully Tessitura integrated, visually based tool, specifically designed to allow Tessitura organizations to maintain, update and create all necessary web pages, content and interactive components within their Tessitura Integrated online presence. The Jixaw CMS seamlessly blends Tessitura data with an intuitive, graphic based, content management system.

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Web sites built on the Jixaw CMS will provide Tessitura driven performance listings, calendar, and related data, combined with the rich content, media and custom components pulled from the CMS itself. The result is a superior, self serve, web site maintenance experience, providing a comprehensive array of content tools, graphic media and Tessitura powered information.

This unique product provides a clean, simple interface that is easy to use.  It will change the way you interact with your Tessitura integrated web site. No longer will there be a need to re-enter complex Tessitura configuration data, virtually anyone in your organization can setup online events and associated content, with a simple point and click.


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Jixaw Technologies
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