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  • Website & Application Development
  • Full suite of website, mobile app, & desktop application solutions.
  • Website Design & Development
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  • Identity Design
  • User Interface/Experience Design
  • Software Engineering & Development

Complete Tessitura Ticketing Website Implementation for the CALGARY ZOO

Our team developed a fully integrated single ticket and subscriptions purchasing path including shopping cart/checkout, online subscriptions/packages, online donations/development and customized special events.

The Jixaw team extended the power of their Tessitura installation with major customizations including full online Membership purchase, maintenance and automatic application of membership entitlement discounts.

Subscription add-ons, multi-product combos, Timed Tickets (Pandas!), School Programs, Kids Camps, online Order History and custom performance displays were all included. Additionally, a large amount of backend custom Tessitura configuration/setup was also supported allowing the Calgary Zoo the flexibility and ease of use when maintaining their site, and its components.